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Application Modernization

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Application Modernization Services

Application modernization refers to the process of updating or transforming legacy software applications to leverage modern technologies, architectures, and functionalities. The goal is to improve performance, scalability, security, user experience, and align the application with current business needs and industry standards.
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Legacy System Assessment Service

Legacy System Assessment Service refers to an evaluation and analysis process conducted by IT professionals or consultants to assess and audit existing legacy systems within an organization. The goal is to understand the current state of legacy systems, identify areas of improvement, and provide recommendations for modernization or optimization.

Legacy System Assessment Services help organizations gain insights into their legacy IT landscape, make informed decisions about modernization strategies, and align technology investments with business goals and objectives.

  • Technology Stack Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Security Assessment
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Business Impact Analysis

Technology Upgrade Service

Technology Upgrade Service refers to a set of activities and processes aimed at updating or upgrading the technology stack and infrastructure used in an organization’s IT systems, applications, and platforms. The goal is to improve performance, security, scalability, and alignment with modern industry standards and best practices.

Technology Upgrade Services enable organizations to leverage the latest advancements in technology, reduce technical debt, enhance user experience and digital transformation initiatives.

  • Assessment and Analysis
  • Compatibility Check
  • Migration Planning
  • Data Migration and Integration
  • Software and Application Upgrades
  • Security Enhancements
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Microservices Architecture Service

Microservices Architecture Service refers to a methodology and approach for designing and implementing software applications as a collection of small, independent, and loosely coupled services. Each service focuses on a specific business capability and communicates with other services through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The goal of microservices architecture is to improve scalability, flexibility, agility, and maintainability of software systems.

  • Service Decomposition
  • Loose Coupling
  • Independent Development and Deployment
  • Technology Diversity
  • Fault Isolation and Resilience
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Monitoring and Observability
  • Security and Compliance
  • Service Discovery and Orchestration

User Interface (UI/UX) Modernization Service

User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) Modernization Service refers to a set of activities and processes aimed at updating, enhancing, and improving the user interface design and user experience of software applications. The goal is to create intuitive, visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces that enhance usability, engagement, satisfaction, and overall customer experience.

  • User Research and Analysis
  • UI Design Refresh & Responsive Design
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • Information Architecture & Interaction Design
  • Performance & Mobile Optimization
  • Usability Testing and Iteration
  • UI Component Library
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Security Enhancements Service

Security Enhancements Service refers to a range of activities and measures implemented to strengthen the security posture of software systems, applications, networks, and data against cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. The goal is to protect sensitive information, prevent unauthorized access, ensure data integrity, and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat Modeling, Access Control & Data Encryption
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Secure Coding Practices & Security Patching and Updates
  • Network Security & Incident Response and Monitoring
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Security Awareness Training


Application Modernization involves creating & modifying software solutions to meet specific business needs and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is application modernization?
Application modernization refers to the process of updating or transforming legacy software applications to leverage modern technologies and improve performance, scalability, security, and alignment with current business needs.
Why is application modernization important?
Application modernization is important to keep software systems relevant, competitive, and secure in today's digital landscape. It enables organizations to adapt to changing technology trends, improve efficiency, reduce technical debt, and meet evolving user expectations.
What are the benefits of application modernization?
The benefits of application modernization include enhanced performance, scalability, agility, cost-effectiveness, improved user experience, increased security, and the ability to leverage new technologies for innovation and growth.
What are the different approaches to application modernization?
Different approaches to application modernization include re-platforming (migrating to a new platform or infrastructure), re-architecting (redesigning the application's architecture), refactoring (improving code quality and structure), replacing (adopting new software solutions), and retiring (phasing out obsolete systems).
How long does it take to complete an application modernization project?
The duration of an application modernization project depends on various factors such as the complexity of the application, scope of modernization, available resources, team expertise, stakeholder collaboration, and chosen modernization approach. Projects can range from several months to years for completion.


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Dedicated Team

Uniting an energetic group with key skills, we center around taking care of explicit undertakings like coding, QA, and incorporation. As a dedicated software product improvement administrations supplier, our profoundly useful group is focused on your undertaking alone, ensuring a sped up advancement process.

- Transparent pricing
- Billing monthly system
- Flexibility
- Best for large companies also startups
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Reasonable for each size of business and venture, group increase helps add expected ability to you group to fill the ability hole. The increased colleagues fill in as a feature of your nearby or conveyed group, going to your normal day to day gatherings and revealing straightforwardly to your supervisors. This helps organizations scale right away and on-request.

- Fast & Cost-effective
- Monthly billing facility
- Scale on-demand
- Try not to recruit bothers
- Excellent Team


Project Based

Fixed Cost Model:
At the point when project particulars, degree, expectations and acknowledgment standards are obviously characterized, we can assess and offer a proper statement for the venture.

Time and Material Model:
Appropriate for projects that have indistinct or dynamic extension prerequisites or confounded business necessities because of which the expense assessment is beyond the realm of possibilities.


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